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Frozen - TY Musical

Frozen - TY Musical

Frozen Jr Ad.jpgTY Musical

Presentation Secondary School has an annual tradition of musical performances, dating back to 1974, when the students performed “The Quaker Girl” by Percy Greenbank. The TY year group of 2022/23 have already begun rehearsing for this year's musical, Frozen Jr, which will take place on the 28th of February and the 1st and 2nd of March in our school gym. The TY’s have been putting a lot of effort into making sure this musical can go ahead, fundraising and rehearsing all school year. Every student gets the opportunity to be involved in the production, whether they are singing, dancing, acting, backstage or designing the set! This year’s show is directed by the school's talented music teacher Mr. Mark Scanlon, and all the choreography has been put together by Patrick Grant, a well-known and excellent dance choreographer!

‘Frozen Jr’, the musical, is based on the 2013 Disney movie ‘Frozen’. It’s the story of two sisters called Anna and Elsa. Princess Elsa was born with ice powers, and ever since her parents died, can't control them. Because of this, she and Anna stay locked up in their castle, and away from one another. On Elsa’s coronation day, the gates finally open, after years of waiting. For the day, Elsa is focused on concealing and controlling her powers, while Anna wants to live a normal life, and maybe even find love.

There hasn’t been an official musical here at Pres for a while, due to Covid-19, so the TYs will be back with a bang! Come along and see our students, Ava Carey as Anna, Vitoria Helen as Elsa, Hannah Cummins as Hans, Lilly Rafferty as Kristoff, Kayley English as Sven, Kate Walsh as Olaf, Sarah Hoffmann as Oaken, Angie Goma as Pabi, Ellie Smith as Bulda, Holly Power as the Duke of Weasleton, Ruby Walsh as King Agnarr, Maimouna Traore as Queen Iduna, and Natasha Marimira and Tarawat Murwat as young Anna and Elsa, perform their “frozen’’ hearts out!

(By Millie Power, TY Student)

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