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Holiday Season Recap

Here are just a few events and accomplishments that took place in the lead up to Christmas!
Holiday Season Recap

Presentation is always busy, but nothing can beat the chaos in the leading months coming up to Christmas. Here are just a few of the school's accomplishments and events from the past few weeks!

Starting off with sport, the 1st, 2nd and 3rd year Basketball team coached by Ms. Carton, all got to play a friendly tournament in the Mercy school on the 6th of December. The girls showed great teamwork and sportsmanship throughout the games, winning against the Mercy with an 8-6-point win. The team of Pres girls were also very competitive with schools such as St.Pauls, Ursuline and Ard Scoile.

Moving on to the ladies Gaelic football team, who’s 1st years recently played in a Blitz out in Dungarvan. The girls played 3 games altogether and were very proud to have both won and tied in 2 matches. This Blitz was great practice as in January the Junior team are set to play against Waterpark Secondary in order to qualify for the Munster Plate. The Senior team also have matches coming up in the new year as they are set to play against Coll Cluain to also qualify for the Munster Plate.

Running along to athletics, the 1st, 2nd and 3rd year students got to participate in a friendly cross-country blitz, held in the pitches in the Ursuline. They ran against different schools around Waterford such as the Abby and Mercy. 1st years ran 1200 meters while 2nd and 3rd years ran 1500 meters. 1st year student Leah Barden was thrilled to achieve the 3rd place overall winner. It was a great day out and also gave the girls more experience for future races coming up in the new year as they are set to attend county and east Munster races.

Other than sport, a lot has been going on around the school. Presentation Secondary was awarded the top school in Waterford. It was the 17th school in all of Ireland and 11th out of all girl schools. Presentation was also shown to be the school with the highest number of students going to on to study further in 3rd level education.

Speaking of 3rd level education, in late November all years also got to participate with college awareness week, with past pupils, parents and staff coming in to give talks to the girls about their careers. The TY class also got to head up to University of Limerick where they all got a tour of the campus and brief introductions to a few courses they may be interested in pursuing in the future.

In order to try and help out the community, especially during the Christmas season, we were all rooting for our way to help our local charities. We greatly appreciated SunLife, who donated 500 euro-on our behalf- to a charity of our choice, which was St. Vincent De Paul. The school choir headed over to SunLife to sing an array of Christmas songs to the hardworking staff. The students were also lucky enough to get a tour of SunLife’s new ‘future of work concept’ office. They were also treated with lunch and an introduction to all the work that goes on at SunLife. We would also like to thank Debbie from St. Vincent De Paul for her workshops she carried out with all TY classes for a 6-week long period, and her continued work with the young SVP group!

2nd year Home Economics classes have also been full steam ahead when it comes to making delicious treats. Home Economics teachers, Ms. Phelan and Ms. Walsh were delighted on how the cooking of American Muffins and Flapjacks turned out!

All the students also appreciated the decorations that were hung all around the school. It helped everyone get into the festive spirit and livened up everybody's early mornings!

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