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TY Trip to Shine

TY trip to Shine Festival in Dublin ran by the Shona Project.
TY Trip to Shine

The Shine festival in Dublin, organized by the Shona project, took place on the 11th of October. The Shona project first started with the founder Tammy Darcy, who started the foundation in 2016 to help empower women and to celebrate the life of men and women all around the world.

The TY girls in Presentation Secondary school Waterford were lucky enough to attend the event. The students got to work with the Shona project in first year, back in 2019. Now 3 years later, as 4th years they got to attend the live Shine festival and hear the inspiring stories of countless brave and strong women.

It was an early start to the morning, with all the TY’s having to come in to school 2 hours before the usual start time. The bus ride was long and tiresome, and we were all relieved once we arrived at the Clayton hotel. We all got our seats, and were lucky enough to be in the first rows! At 10:30 the presenter, Tara McCormack came out to tell us all about the day ahead. Fist Tammy Darcy made an entrance to tell us about the backstory of how The Shona project first came about. She then handed the torch to the sports panel with Mairead Ronan who talked all sports and how to manage sports while also balancing exams and extra-curricular activities. Then it was time to get up and do some Zumba with Hannah May Jane. Hannah got us all up on our feet, waking us up from our drowsy early morning wake up call. Georgie Crawford came up to the stage to tell us about her journey with being diagnosed with breast cancer just 6 months after giving birth to her daughter. Georgie had started to work by the age of 15, whether it would be waiting tables or at spin 1038. She told us all about her resilience and wellness from being declined to jobs, having a new born, and newly diagnosed with Breast cancer. Next up Tara introduced Eileen Flynn, the first senator in the house of Oireachtas with a traveller background. She now is a representative and activist on behalf of the Irish Traveller Community. Next up was Tao Baker, who told us all about “GIRLS PITCH”, a program/ competition set out to those who enjoy digital literacy. Tao encouraged that all girls should sign up if they have any ideas of the entrepreneurial kind. Amande Ade then came to the stage to talk to us about the importance of being an ally, and all the activities needed in order to be a good ally.

After lunch we were treated with a guided meditation by Laura Carr, to help calm us down from exploring the SHINE village. Yemi Adenuga was there to help wake us back up, encouraging us to stand up and cheer ourselves on. She told us all about being confident and speaking up and how although many people had doubted her, she still managed to become the first elected black woman public representative in Ireland. Next was Louise McSharry who talked all body positivity, and how to be confident in your own skin. Sarah Doyle was up next and told us all about her journey with becoming her own best friend. In the end we finished up with a lively dance party, with Kehli –the Irish singer- songwriter- singing a few songs, while also singing a few of your own songs!

Some of us even had the chance to do interviews with radio stations that also wanted to cover the story of the Shine Festival!

Thank you to Tammy Darcy and the Shona project for setting up an event to empower the young women of Ireland!

To find out more about The Shona Project please go to

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