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On 20th April and 21st April, eighth 5th years were very fortunate to attend University of College Cork’s Easter School as part of the UCC PLUS programme.

The fifth years chosen to represent our school were Ruth Awosika, Aisling Browne, Tia Weldon, Cara Hayes, Ella Foley, Aoife Wall, Katia Uloha, and Maja Pawlak. They were all ecstatic to be able to experience a glimpse into what college life may involve following the Leaving Certificate.

Students were organised into groups associated with their preferred college in UCC. These involved the College of Business and Law, College of Arts, Celtic Studies, and Social Sciences, College of Science, Engineering, and Food Sciences, and College of Medicine and Health.

Maja Pawlak enjoyed her time with her chosen college. “I think being able to see what the college of science, engineering, and food sciences offered was so interesting. Sometimes school can be broad and cover many different subject areas, so focusing on science really opened my eyes and showed me what I could choose to do after school."

Easter School had presentations on public speaking and different supports and resources available, such as HEAR, DARE, and SUSI. It also featured presentations on the range of courses available at UCC including Digital Humanities and Information Technology and Arts.

“I really enjoyed seeing what was available through UCC Arts because it features many subjects that I’m passionate about such as English, politics, history and, Irish. It’s shown me that I don’t have to sacrifice doing something I love once I finish the Leaving Certificate, because it’s always possible for me to continue it at third level,” said Tia Weldon.

Students who chose to experience the College of Arts, Celtic Studies, and Social Sciences also attended a music workshop focused on the traditional Indonesian music Gamelan. It was certainly a highlight of Easter School for them.

Overall, it is clear that everyone really enjoyed the opportunity. It has provided them with a wealth of information surrounding courses, the Leaving Certificate, and resources. It has also been a reminder to crack down on the study as they progress into 6th year.

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