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Cultural Week


From the 9th to the 13th of May, Presentation Secondary School celebrated its annual Cultural Week. Due to the ongoing global pandemic, this celebration of the diversity in our school was the first to take place within school walls in three years! Led by Jerely Pembele and Eve Daly, a small selection of the school’s student council collaborated with students and staff to make the long overdue Cultural Week an informative, enjoyable, and inclusive occasion for all.

The week aims to celebrate and embrace the various cultures, ethnicities, and nationalities within the school. Thanks to the consistent engagement and involvement of students and staff alike, a wide variety of events took place across the school throughout the week. There were announcements on the school’s intercom with common phrases in different languages, posters placed around the school with facts and flags of different countries, and PowerPoint presentations and Kahoots in classes, all based on the wide variety of cultures within the school. The highlight of the week was Culture Day, on Friday 13th May. This day was truly a delight for the senses as colourful stands, mouth-watering aromas, and a buzz of excitement filled the PE hall. Students who were dressed in traditional clothing or clothing associated with their country stood behind stands which they had decorated with objects, clothing, and food important to their culture. Throughout the day, all year groups had an opportunity to come and view the stands, learn about diverse cultures, and even sample some famous delicacies! It was an incredible, successful day filled with a joyful atmosphere.

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By Eve Daly, 5th year

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